These videos are created with the purpose to familiarize you with the concept of MIND CONNECTIVITY.

Each video highlights how our MIND CONNECTIVITY level affects the way how we perceive and interact with the surrounding reality.

1. Mind Connectivity Vs. Artificial Connectivity!

This video introduces to you the MIND CONNECTIVITY concept and explains why now in the Age Of Connectivity there is a strong need to improve our natural MIND CONNECTIVITY level. This is because by improving our MIND CONNECTIVITY level, the dormant potential of our brain will be unlocked and gradually activated, and this will enable us to find new smart ways to restore the planet’s ecosystem and avoid the unknown traps of artificial intelligence and artificial connectivity over-development.


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2. Are we pushing down our Brain usage?

This video presents how the artificial connectivity and AI development could make our decision making and planning abilities redundant and reduce our brain’s usage level in just a few decades, if we don’t act now to upgrade our natural MIND CONNECTIVITY level. If we increase our natural MIND CONNECTIVITY level, this will increase our brain’s usage level, preventing the aforementioned declining scenario.

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3. Do we control our Minds or vice versa?

This video explains how a mind structure with a low level of connectivity is reducing our free will and is limiting the activation of our brain potential. By redesigning our thinking patterns we can increase the connectivity level of our mind structure and the result would be the activation of a bigger portion of our unused brain’s potential, an this will increase our free will.

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4. Can we upgrade our "Stone Age" thinking patterns?

This video presents the current situation of how people are connecting to their surrounding reality. If we have a look along the known history, we can see that majority of today’s thinking patterns are similar with the oldest known thinking patterns. We could say that from the thinking point of view we are still in “Stone Age”. But as we have learned to upgrade our technological connectivity from 1G to 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G; now it is time to upgrade our way of thinking or in other words – it is time to upgrade our MIND CONNECTIVITY level.

5. Is our visual "system" broken?

This video explains how we see the surrounding reality, and why the reality we are seeing is currently just a filtered reality. It explains that we actually see a conceptualized reality, filtered by our individual “software” which is our individual conceptual mind structure. If we understand how the individual conceptual mind structure works we can transform the filter to see and perceive a larger and brighter unfiltered reality.

This video explains why the dream concept is used so often to explain the way we think and feel about the reality and reveal what this feeling has to do with the way we are using our individual mind to connect with the surrounding reality. You will see that, because our MIND CONNECTIVITY level is very low, this keeps our brain’s potential mostly asleep. This means that we are never really awake.

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