• The concept of Mind Connectivity was defined by ConnectorX following decades of personal research, studies and practical experiences over the human mind structure and its processes. Mind Connectivity is not about something abstract; it is about you and it is about your individual mind; it is about your happiness and it is about your destiny. When you understand this, automatically Mind Connectivity becomes about all the people and about their minds; it is about their happiness and, ultimately, it is about humankind’s destiny.
  •  The concept of Mind Connectivity  is about our individual mind structure and its abilities to connect us with the multidimensional surrounding reality.
  • Mind Connectivity – it is not religion or science, neither philosophy nor metaphysics. However, it is not in contradiction with any of these. Having the aim to make known the essence behind all the existing concepts, Mind Connectivity is just simply the knowledge of understanding, unlocking, and upgrading the individual mind structure.
  • Created by CONNECTORX in 2019, the website Mind Connectivity has the primary intent to remind everybody that our individual conceptual mind structure is the most important software we naturally possess. Unfortunately, because of its extreme subtleness, it was almost ignored during the last centuries and millenniums.
  • The second intent is to help people realize that their mind structure has a certain level of connectivity which is much lower than it should be, but this level of connectivity can be improved or upgraded in a similar way as we improve the connectivity of the existing technological devices and artificial connectivity.
  • CONNECTORX (alternatively written/pronounced Connector X) is a representative name created to recall and honor all the pioneers and high-achievers in the human mind development field from the past to the present, throughout all the known and unknown history
  • CONNECTORX also represents the creators of this website and their wish to emphasize the knowledge and not the persons behind it.

Individual Mind Structure

The people’s Mind Connectivity level is globally very low and their brain’s potential is highly underused, mainly because of the lack of awareness and understanding over what their individual conceptual mind structure is.

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Artificial Intelligence trend

Artificial Connectivity and Artificial Intelligence are increasing every day and has already reached a level which, less than 20 years ago, was pure fictionThe only problem is our low Mind Connectivity level that we have in the present. If we do not upgrade our own Mind Connectivity level, we will not be able to contain and control the enhanced levels of artificial connectivity that are coming in just a few decades, maybe sooner than expected.


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Mind Connectivity Upgrade

Because we have postponed our minds’ enhancement for centuries and millenniums, now it is almost too late. Therefore, procrastination in improving our Mind Connectivity level is no longer an option, as in just a few decades, artificial intelligence will take control over everything if our own minds are not readily prepared to prevent it.

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