“In the Age of Connectivity only those who learn how to naturally increase the connectivity level of their own minds will bring the perfect balance and control over all the forms of artificial connectivity and artificial intelligence. They will attain a higher level of inner happiness and fulfillment, that can be generated only by a mind with a high level of connectivity.”

What is Mind Connectivity?

The concept of Mind Connectivity has emerged from a global need to create a new and efficient alternative, able to restore the balance between human mind development and artificial intelligence development in favor of human mind development.

Mind Connectivity is a new concept that will help you see the human mind structure and all the existing kinds of knowledge in a new transparent light.

The bright dimensions of the multidimensional reality we live in, can be perceived everywhere by a mind with a high enough connectivity level.  

Individual conceptual mind structure simplified model

For whom is Mind Connectivity?

Mind Connectivity is for everybody, but especially for those who feel they cannot reach their true potential despite the continual effort, and for those who want to understand the mechanism behind their repetitive, unwanted thinking patterns and experiences. Mind Connectivity is for people who want to understand the connection between their individual mind structure, their brain and their happiness level. Mind Connectivity is for those who want to live in a future where both, artificial connectivity and artificial intelligence are completely under the human control and not vice versa.

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About MC

In this section, you will find out how the concept of Mind Connectivity appeared. You will find out what the current technological trend is in the matter of connectivity. You will find out what the intention is behind this Mind Connectivity website creation. Finally, you will find out some details about the creators of the Mind Connectivity website.


MC Definitions

In this section, you will find out the main concepts that are used to define Mind Connectivity and their definitions. These definitions will help you to understand the videos’ content and the information that will be presented in the books.

Mind Connectivity Videos

These videos were created to help people understand how their Mind Connectivity level is impacting every aspect of their lives. Now in the Age of Connectivity people need to wake up and start to upgrade the connectivity of their own minds’ structures, and this should be their first personal priority.

Mind Connectivity Books

The book series about Mind Connectivity explains in an unprecedented way how our individual conceptual mind structure is created, why its connectivity level is currently much lower than it should be, and how this amazing structure modulates all the human structures, especially our brain structure. The books also show how by increasing our Mind Connectivity level, our brain potential is gradually unlocked, and this will allow the perception of a bigger brighter reality, and a higher inner happiness level.


MC & History

Across ancient and recent history, many individuals with a high level of Mind Connectivity, such as philosophers, thinkers, sages, masters, or simply wise men, have worked diligently to help people improve the connectivity level of their minds. Their teachings and writings have many similarities with the Mind Connectivity concept, but they have used instead different old concepts, proverbs, and metaphors, as the concept of connectivity was not available in their time.
In this section, we will translate some of their most relevant teachings and quotes by integrating the Mind Connectivity concept.


Mind Connectivity Art X

Mind Connectivity Art X – is a graphical and graffiti form of art that promotes the awareness over the individual mind structure and its connectivity level. By becoming aware of your individual mind structure, you will be able to see everything that you have learned and experienced from a new transparent perspective, a new perspective that allows you to upgrade your way of thinking and gradually unlock the dormant potential of your brain.


Learn from the very best

Dear Readers: In these website pages you will find out who were the greatest thinkers of the past who have dedicated most of their lives to human mind development or, in other words, to increasing people’s MIND CONNECTIVITY level; you will also discover the essence behind their teaching. By understanding the MIND CONNECTIVITY concept, you will be able to see all their teaching from a new perspective, and the light of this new perspective will bring you clarity over your individual mind structure and its potential, currently hidden by conceptual thinking. But most importantly, you will understand why improving your MIND CONNECTIVITY level should become your priority number one.


Connect with us! The best is yet to come!