1. MIND CONNECTIVITY – this concept was born from a stringent necessity to restore the balance between human mind development pace and artificial intelligence development pace in favor of human mind development, to ensure that health, safety and freedom of the human life are are 0% negatively affected by the artificial intelligence that will be developed in the next decades.

Mind Connectivity concept is about human mind structure and defines how people are using their individual mind structure to connect with the surrounding reality (people, objects, events, activities and information), and how efficient this connecting process is.

NOTE: although it is very less known, the primary and the most important function of the mind is its connectivity! All other qualities of the individual mind depend on or are influenced by its level of connectivity.

Mind Connectivity concept emphasizes three essential aspects:

First aspect is the fact that all the experiences a human being is going through in his/her life, are in fact an endless series of connections and disconnections with the surrounding reality. Connections that are always done through the person’s individual mind. All these connections/ disconnections leave very subtle imprints and traces on a person’s individual mind, or in other words, the person’s individual mind is continuously structured by every interaction with the surrounding reality.

The second aspect is to understand that the individual conceptual mind structure is not an abstract empty concept, but instead it is a very subtle, multidimensional network structure, similar with an internet network, but multidimensional, or to be more precise a multidimensional portal that helps each and every one of us to see the surrounding reality in a similar but personalized way. Basically, all the imprints and traces that are registered in a person’s individual mind structure as conceptual information, create the individual conceptual mind structure of that person. This amazing structure, it is a complex “mechanism” which will influence the preferences and efficiency of that person’s future connections/disconnections with the surrounding reality. Because this sounds a bit too abstract, if you want to have an image as a model, the individual conceptual mind structure should be seen as a “spherical” multidimensional network structure or as an interconnecting multidimensional spherical portal. In reality, this structure is not quite spherical, but keep in mind that the spherical form it is the most suitable as a model).

The third aspect is that, if you understand the first two aspects with all the implications, you can easily go further and learn how to improve the connectivity level of your individual conceptual mind structure, and then gradually the connectivity level of your entire individual mind structure, and this will allow you to connect faster, broader and more efficiently with the “surrounding reality”. This will gradually activate a bigger percentage of your brain potential, above the average of 5% currently used by people, with all the advantages that comes from this.

Mind Connectivity is not specifically about the quantity or the quality of the conceptual information we are accumulating, it is much more than this. It is about how all this conceptual information is structured in the individual mind structure, forming an individual conceptual mind structure. It is about how this individual conceptual mind structure is modulating all the human structures, and also, it is about how efficiently, fast and “deep”, can the individual conceptual mind structure connect us with the multidimensional reality from around us.

2. GLOBAL CONCEPTUAL MIND (GCM) – Created by people in countless generations, it is practically an abstract, extraordinary interface between the human perceptions and all the surrounding internal and external reality ever perceived. This abstract interface perceived by us with our individual conceptual mind, is allowing us to have an indirect perception over the surrounding reality in an intelligible form as conceptual knowledge, by using all the existing learning codes and concepts (language as words and writings, symbols, numbers, images, etc.). In other words, the global conceptual mind is allowing us to define the unknown “original non-conceptualized reality”, in an intelligible form of reality, as a “conceptualized reality”

The global conceptual mind is not an entity, it looks more like an “abstract deposit” that “contain” all the existing concepts that can be accessed by humans through any form of learning. For any individual, all the learning and experiences that the individual is going through are translated into personalized concepts, that will create and structure his/her personalized individual conceptual mind structure.

3. INDIVIDUAL CONCEPTUAL MIND (ICM) – it is a very subtle individual interface arranged in a network form, which is composed from all the concepts that an individual has heard and learned, plus all sensorial-emotional experiences that he/she lived directly, virtually or imaginary, translated into a conceptualized form, plus all the interactions between all the elements of this network.


4. INDIVIDUAL CONCEPTUAL MIND STRUCTURE – (ICMS) – it is a very subtle network structure, that can be conceptually defined as a multidimensional spherical structure formed at the mind level from all the conceptual knowledge accumulated through individual learning and experiencing. This structure affects and modulate in a very subtle way, the brain and all the human structures and its electromagnetic fields (human structures conceptually defined as: physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body, etc.).


5. ARTIFICIAL CONNECTIVITY  is referring to all the connecting processes plus all the connecting algorithms plus the internet network connectivity and/or the wireless connectivity, that are used by all the technological devices developed to connect us with information, people, objects, events, etc., much faster and broader than our current natural connecting capability.


6. CONNECTIVITY OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE – it is the ability of an electronic device to connect with similar or different devices for exchanging information efficiently by using the Internet network. The better (higher) it is its connectivity, the faster and broader are its ability to connect with a bigger number of similar or different devices.

7. SOCIAL MEDIA CONNECTIVITY – in Social Media, connectivity means the ability of a platform to connect as many users, products and information as possible, and as efficiently as possible from the platform users’ point of view.

The better (higher) the connectivity of a social media platform is, the bigger is the number of its users, products and information connected together. In the same time the connections are more efficiently done and the satisfaction and the benefit of the platform users are proportionally higher.

8. BRAIN CONNECTIVITY – the brain has many levels of connectivity, but because most of the actual thinking patterns that we are currently using are very old and limited, we are capable to activate and make use of only two or three levels, and even these three levels are only partially activated. These three levels of connectivity allow only approx. 5% of our brain’s potential to be activated and used. The other brain’s connectivity levels are also active, but these levels remain in an underdeveloped state, mainly because the ancient thinking patterns we are using are designed to keep them unused and therefore underdeveloped.

To activate all the connectivity levels of the brain, we need to redesign the old thinking patterns, or in other words, we need to understand what is wrong with our individual conceptual mind structure and then increase its connectivity level. This is possibly the smartest way to activate and make use of a much bigger percentage of our brain’s unused potential.


 9AGE OF CONNECTIVITY – we can locate this period in time as starting in the early 1960s when the first internet technologies were developed, but we really entered in the Age of Connectivity when Web 2.0 opened the path to social media connectivity in 2004. The characteristic of this period is the development of the interconnected networks. Currently, we have a global system of interconnected networks, and its purpose is to connect as faster and broader as possible, as many people, information and technological devices as possible and as efficiently as possible. The improvement of artificial connectivity and of its accessibility is continually and constantly increasing the pace, and this is where the term Age of Connectivity is coming from. We need to use this trend of connectivity improvement and apply the lessons learned to improve the connectivity level of our own individual mind structure. Our Mind Connectivity level is currently very low, just a little higher than we have had in the Stone Age period, because of centuries and millenniums of ignorance, procrastination and complacency with a reality defined as normality by people with a low Mind Connectivity level. In the near future, if people want not only just to survive, but to thrive in this Age of Connectivity, they need to upgrade their Mind Connectivity level, and gradually activate a much bigger percentage of their brain’s unused potential. If people fail to upgrade their Mind Connectivity level, there is a high risk that in just a few decades, they will end up being totally controlled by very smart machines and Artificial Intelligence.


10. MULTIDIMENSIONAL CONNECTIVITY – is the ability of an individual mind structure with a high level of connectivity, to activate more than 3 levels of connectivity of the brain, unlocking its unused potential. A person with an individual mind structure like this will be able to perceive and connect with a multidimensional reality much larger and brighter than currently perceived 3-dimensional reality.


11. MIND CONNECTIVITY UPGRADE – although Mind Connectivity concept is not about intelligence, it is very closely related to intelligence concept.

Lloyd G. Humphreys (reputable psychologist) defines intelligence as the  process to acquire, store in memory, retrieve, combine, compare and use in new contexts, information and conceptual skills”.

We can define Mind Connectivity Upgrade as being the way to understand and unlock the knowledge behind the concept intelligence as defined above by Lloyd G. Humphreys.