Look around you – then look at social media, television, and online news and you will see that technology is evolving and is upgraded more quickly than ever before. It is amazing to see this genuine “race” to achieve higher and higher artificial connectivity. All the upcoming technologies are based on artificial connectivity: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Autonomous Vehicle, Big Data, Quantum Computing, 5G and 6G, etc. We have really entered in the Age of Connectivity.

But, what happened to the people? It was supposed that all of these technological enhancements would make us healthier and happier than ever before. Well, look again, this time to the people. Are we happier or healthier than before? Apparently, we aren’t.  Well, the real reason for this is that our Mind Connectivity level has remained almost unchanged in the last millenniums and, therefore, it is much lower than it should be. Because we are always using our individual mind structure to connect with the surrounding reality, it is almost obvious that our happiness is strongly dependent on how efficiently our individual mind structure is able to connect us with the multidimensional reality. A higher Mind Connectivity level means the ability to connect much more easily and efficiently with more dimensions of the multidimensional reality. This will gradually activate the unused brain’s potential and, very importantly, will provide a high inner happiness level and a superior state of healthUsing the analogy between the human mind structure and the artificial connectivity concepts, the concept of Mind Connectivity explains in a new, unprecedented way, how the individual mind structure works and how this amazing natural software can be naturally upgraded by everyone.

Because – the only natural, viable way to bring us “ourselves” into the Age of Connectivity, to keep control over the upcoming artificial intelligence and  increase our inner happiness level, is to upgrade the connectivity level of our individual mind structure.


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What is the mind? And what is the individual mind structure? There are many definitions and descriptions available, one more abstract or more confusing than the other. Without understanding the concept of individual mind, you cannot really understand, how and why all the concepts and thinking patterns that you are using, limit almost automatically your Mind Connectivity level and keep your brain highly underused.

The entire individual mind structure, the body and its electromagnetic fields, and basically all of the human structures are highly modulated by the individual conceptual mind structure. The individual conceptual mind structure is not an abstract empty concept.

The individual conceptual mind evolves continuously from a very early age until death. This amazing structure is continuously structured by the things we are learning, the experiences we are having, plus all the surrounding realities we are living in.
When you understand how your individual conceptual mind structure is created and why its connectivity is limited, this knowledge brings you a new perspective.

A new perspective from which – the natural upgrade of the individual conceptual mind structure and its level of connectivity, not only that is possible, but it becomes accessible for everyone.




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